Bar code scanners and readers

Bar code scanners and readers

Welcome to our area dedicated to barcode scanners. 

Barcode readers and scanners have become common, they are most often found in stores or supermarkets, they are used to scan information contained in the form of barcodes or QR code.

Barcode scanners are also widely used in companies for inventory management or goods traceability.

There are many different barcode scanners.

Hands-free barcode scanners

They are barcode scanners that are to be fixed, they allow to pass the barcode in front of the reader without having to take the scanner.

The readers of type pistols or showerheads

The handhelds are readers that allow to flash a barcode. The barcode scanner scans the code when the reader is pointed at the barcode and the trigger is pressed, that's why they are also called barcode guns.

Bar code reader terminals

Terminals are used to centralize inventory management data.

How to choose your barcode reader

You must choose your scanner according to your needs, do not hesitate to contact our experts, they will guide you towards the best choices according to your needs: wired or wireless readers, single or multi-frame, reader connection mode...

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