Card printer and printing consumables

Preferences :


  • HITI

Single or double sided

  • Simple Face
  • Double-sided

Expected print volume

  • - 5,000 cards per year
  • 5,000+ cards per year
  • Between 5,000 and 10,000 cards per year
  • 10,000+ cards per year
  • 30,000+ cards per year

Plastic card printers

Plastic card printers

Elliaden offers you in this space the best plastic card printers on the market. In our catalogue, you will find many badge printers capable of meeting the needs of any activity.

Badge printers: for what purpose?

Thermal printers meet the needs ofprinting of plastic badges of all companies and institutions: shops, schools, clubs, associations, local authorities...

Easily create and print business ID cards, visitor badges, loyalty cards, gift cards or privileges.

In order to see things a little more clearly, Elliaden offers you a set of concrete examples of the use of card printers in various fields.

Print your employees' badges

Whether you are a small or large company, we offer a variety of printers that will allow you to create employee identification badges as well as their access badges thanks to contactless technologies such as RFID or NFC.

Create loyalty cards

Create branded loyalty cards directly in-store with convenient, compact printers. Enhance your brand image while building customer loyalty, and without cluttering your workstation. With these stand-alone printing solutions and badge creation software, personalising plastic badges has never been easier. 

If you want to produce loyalty cards we advise you to consult our file : How and why to offer loyalty cards

Print gift cards

Improve your customer relations and increase your turnover by offering gift cards to your customers.

Create membership cards

Give your club or association a professional image with full colour PVC membership badges, printed on both sides. Durable and stylish cards reinforce the sense of belonging of your members.

Print visitor badges

Quickly and easily print access badges for visitors to your company or events.

Find out more about the benefits of instant printing of visitor badges.

Different models for different needs

As you can see, there are many different uses for printed plastic badges. There are also different brands, all with different printer models and features, to suit different needs.

ELLIADEN offers the best brands of card machines such as Evolis, Zebra, Matica, Fargo, Datacard, Magicard... All models of each brand are available to meet the needs of all types of activity, sports halls, schools, public administrations, hotels, associations, shops, etc.

To learn more, see our Guide to Plastic Card Printers.

Each plastic badge printer has different modules and options. You can choose a model with edge-to-edge printing and lamination for a better visual effect or a printer with a lamination or data encoding module for more security.  

How to choose your printer

Choose your card printer according to your printing needs. Here are the questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I need to print large volumes of cards each year?
  • Do I need to print my badges quickly?
  • Do I need to create colour or black and white maps?
  • Do I need to encode a contactless badge (RFID or NFC type) or a magnetic stripe card?
  • Can my cards be counterfeited?
  • ...

Based on all these questions, you will be able to make the best choice of badge printer for your activity and define whether you need a colour or monochrome printer, single or double sided, with contactless chip or magnetic stripe encoding, with fast or high resolution printing, with high or low volume capacity, with embosser or not...


We know that it is not easy to choose from all these technologies, which is why our experts are at your disposal to guide you in the choice of your badge printer. Contact us for more information.

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