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  • Single polyester

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  • Nickel-plated hook


  • 15 mm


  • Sewn

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  • No

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  • No

Visitor Cords

Blue VISITOR cord


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Visitor Cords

Call on ELLIADEN services to personalise your necklaces.

One of the advantages of trusting us is the assurance of benefiting from a quality customised lanyard service at a professional rate. Our team is at your disposal to guide you towards the best choice of lanyard for badges: tell us your needs, we will present you with the different solutions to meet them.

Neck lanyards allow badges to be worn around the neck so that they are visible while keeping the hands free.

There are different types of neck cords: different widths, different materials, different badge attachments...


Necklace card holders are often used at trade fairs and events to identify visitors and participants.


One of the advantages of the badge lanyard is that it can be used for advertising purposes through personalisation.



Often offered free of charge to visitors at events when they pick up their visitor badge, the neck lanyard personalised with your company logo is an excellent way to increase brand awareness or to reinforce your presence at a trade show.

How to personalise lanyards

You can call on our services: we are at your disposal to advise you and guide you towards the best choices, do not hesitate to call us. 

Our range of badge necklaces has several environmentally friendly and responsible references: bamboo fibre or recycled PET.

Our custom printed lanyards

  • Colours: standard or pantone
  • Standard material: single or lined polyester, satin
  • Eco-friendly material: bamboo fibre, organic cotton, recycled PET, soy fibre, zein fibre
  • Width: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 mm
  • Length: from 76 to 90 cm. Other on request
  • Finish: metal ring or sewn
  • Single or multiple attachments: carabiner, hook, crocodile, reel, telephone, shackle, flap, ring, VIP...... 
  • Attachment material: metal or plastic
  • With or without a breakaway system (anti-strangulation)
  • With or without removable buckle (metal or plastic)
  • With or without ball adjustment 

Minimum quantity: 100 pieces per design

You can also find printed key rings. 

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