Card printer and printing consumables

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Single or double sided

  • Simple Face

Expected print volume

  • Between 5,000 and 10,000 cards per year

Resolution (in dpi)

  • 300

Printing technology

  • Sublimation

Colour or monochrome

  • Colour

Colour print speed in YMCKO (no. sides / H)

  • 180

Monochrome printing speed (no. sides / H)

  • 1 400

Card material (PVC, PET, cardboard)

  • PVC

Card format

  • CR 80 (85.6 x 54 mm)

Accepted card thickness (in mm)

  • 0.25 to 1

hiti card printer

HITI CS200 Printer

Ref. ELP1-CS200

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Hiti offers badge printers that combine quality and speed. Indeed, Hiti printers offer sublime print quality, both in terms of colours and gradations, with a very good print rate. 

A model like the Hiti cs200e printer even has a built-in card cleaning system for great value for money, and it's very easy to use.

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