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Readers / Encoders

Welcome to our area dedicated to RFID or NFC badge readers and encoders. 

RFID and NFC encoders are used to program and configure contactless identification systems. With the encoders, companies can encode and manage their access control system with RFID or NFC readers.

RFID (or NFC) readers can scan any medium that has a built-in RFID (or NFC) chip. These optical readers are used to scan badges, plastic cards, tags, labels, etc. in order to obtain identification information on a product or person.

The different types of readers

  • Fixed RFID readers (kiosks or gates)
  • Portable RFID readers (guns to manually flash a chip .

The different RFID frequencies (125KHz, 13.56MHz)

It is the frequency combined with the RFID antenna that determines the range of the scanner.

A distinction is made between proximity (up to 25cm), proximity (up to 1m), medium distance (up to 9m) and long distance (over 100m) RFID readers.

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